BMW M135i with 2 Series front end looks so right

BMW M135i M235i front end swap (1)

While there’s no denying the performance of the BMW M135i, it’s doe-eyed goofy front end make it one of the least intimidating performance cars on the road.

Luckily as this BMW M135i owner in the UK discovered, grafting the front end of the BMW M235i onto the 1 Series seems like a pretty straight forward process.

The end result of a BMW 1 Series with a 2 Series snout looks like something that was delievered directly from the factory and makes you wonder what BMW were thinking in the first place.

“I’ve been driving it a couple of months with the M235i front and the attention and thumbs up the car gets is unbelievable.”

One fellow forum member even went so far as to say they would have bought the little BMW M135i if it came with that front end in the first place.

Source: 1Addicts

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